The Organization

The center is a registered charity ran by an administrative and Executive Councils.

The members of these councils are elected at a general election usualy held in may for a 2 years term by the members of the Center.

The administrative includes a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer and an outgoing president if it is necessary.

The executive council approves the budgets, defines the main trends of the organization, develops and organizes the Centre's programmes.

Administrative Council

Lynn Guénard:                    President
Paul Lemay:                       Vice-President
Louise Bell:                         Secretary
Carolyn Jackson:                 Treasurer

Executive Council
Estelle Mercier
André Bilodeau
Benoit Bilodeau                    Social
Innocent Tchigio                  Cultural
Claudette McRae                  Youth
Alfred Trudel                        Maintenance
Maurice Guénard                   Sports
Maurice Guénard                   Recruitment

Marie-Rose Harungikimana       Coordinator


While supporting the center, the members also receive a copy of 'L'action Française' (bimonthly) and get reduced prices on activities.



$ 20 Individual
$ 30 Family

Your contribution will be used to finance our Centre activities

Admission form (format word .doc)


+ Members above 60 years of age become lifetime members.
+ Children under the age of 19 automatically become members if their parents buy a membership.
+ Tickets for scheduled activities must be purchased 7 days before hand in order to prepare adequately for the event.
+ Tickets will not be sold at the door unless indicated.
+ Smoking is not allowed in the hall.